Contract Manufacturing Explained

Why choose contract manufacturing for your product or sub-assembly? Four reasons: expertise, space, industry connections, and advanced capabilities that you may not have. Utilizing contract manufacturing services can increase efficiencies and save you money. RiverSide Integrated Solutions provides complete contract manufacturing services for consumer packaged goods as well as provide support for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

A contract manufacturer becomes your partner throughout the production process. By partnering with RiverSide Integrated Solutions, you may realize savings on multiple facets including our volume purchasing discounts from suppliers, lower labor rates, or discounted shipping rates, and the savings do not stop there. When you choose RiverSide Integrated Solutions, you eliminate the need for additional staff to handle parts management, inventory, and time-consuming sub-assembly or full product builds.

OEM Sub-Assembly Contract Manufacturing

For an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), using outsourced sub-assembly services can relieve bottlenecks throughout the manufacturing process. What once required numerous individuals to manage multiple skus, multiple suppliers, and schedule manufacturing time to build sub-assemblies can be outsourced to RiverSide Integrated Solutions and delivered to your production lines completed as one part number.  Your forecasting team can then focus on singular skus, and collaborate with us when you need delivery. We have an extensive track record of on-time delivery, continuous improvement and quality control to meet your expectations.

OEM’s utilizing our sub-assembly services benefit from our vast supply network, parts management, inventory models, and project management expertise to build sub-assemblies that fit into their manufactured products. Once assembled, we distribute the ready-to-be-installed sub-assemblies back to your factory or supply them directly into your dealer network. It’s convenient, efficient, and cost-effective.

One RiverSide Integrated Solutions customer used our services to build a bracket for an LCD monitor. The bracket consisted of multiple components, including dowel pins with e-clips, and a pneumatic piston to be installed on a steel tube frame. Assembly also required a rubber bumper that after being glued needed to sit 24 hours before it could be packaged. RiverSide Integrated Solutions handled all these time-consuming steps and shipped the completed sub-assembly to our customer ready for installation. In addition to parts inventory and assembly, RiverSide Integrated Solutions maintains relations with multiple suppliers, manages lead times for parts, and handles pricing.

RiverSide Integrated Solutions’ expertise and testing capabilities are demonstrated with the work we do for one customer assembling GPS radios. For that, we source parts including a wiring harness, plastic enclosures, screws, circuit board, and antennas. We begin by partially assembling the unit, which undergoes a testing procedure that simulates the radios ability to communicate over specified distances. Upon successful completion of the distance test, the unit will receive a serial number that will also be electronically archived. Once that step in the process is completed, the unit is fully assembled, sealed with robotic gluing, and allowed to dry for 24 hours. The unit then goes through a pressure test to check for fine leaks in the seal as well as the wiring harness. Once all the tests are passed, the unit is packaged and distributed to the OEM’s dealer network.

Consumer Packaged Goods

You have the idea. You have the specifications and the plans. But you don’t have the space, specialized equipment or skilled workforce to bring that idea to market. When you contract with RiverSide Integrated Solutions, we become your factory. We source the components utilizing our vast network of suppliers and industry contacts; we assemble, test and package your products; and we conduct multiple quality control checks along the way. We have dedicated assembly space, experienced personnel, and a record of excellence that reflects our high standards.

Our product assembly services turn concepts into reality, just provide us with detailed engineering specifications and we will go to work matching all the items on your Bill of Material (BOM) with quality suppliers. RiverSide Integrated Solutions has helped clients’ source molds for plastic injection, wiring harnesses, hardware components such as screws, circuit boards, and more. We can even assist clients with packaging needs for retail-ready displays.

Capacity issues? Having launched his first product on Amazon, one of our customers found himself spending too much of his time just assembling and fulfilling orders at night. In order to launch new products and keep up with demand, this seller contracted RiverSide Integrated Solutions to assembly his product, provide inventory management, and perform distribution to Amazon. RiverSide Integrated Solutions provided the space, time, and expertise the seller needed to keep up with product demand, and is now focusing on developing their next big success.

As a contract manufacturer with 190,000 square feet of space in three facilities, RiverSide Integrated Solutions can be utilized to build an entire product or just a sub-assembly to your product. That frees up space for customers who may have limited production capacity in their own facility. We have helped customers produce portions of their consumer product line as well as their complete line of products, allowing them space in their facility for new research and design work. We’ll handle parts management, assembly, and distribution, so you can focus on product development and growing your business.

Expertise and Quality you can count on

RiverSide Integrated Solutions can reduce costs and lead times for its customers by sourcing parts from our network of 250+ quality suppliers. We connect our customers with the electronic components and custom fabricated parts they need and handle assembly, test, packaging, and distribution.

As our expert team of assemblers receives work orders and closely follow customers’ requirements and specifications. We commit a Program Manager to every customer whose job is to know everything there is to know about this customer. That program manager will be your one point of contact at RiverSide Integrated Solutions. We’ll go through a gamut of questions to fully understand your needs and then develop a system to fit those needs. RiverSide Integrated Solutions’ check-double-check quality control ensures every step in the process is completed correctly. Testing can be uniquely developed to meet our customer’s requirements and specifications. If a customer has a specific testing requirement, we’ll figure out how to build a custom system to do it.

The quality control processes at RiverSide Integrated Solutions extend to all facets of our contract manufacturing services, including distribution. Delivery accuracy and product quality are the keys to achieving customer satisfaction. We know customer satisfaction is important to you, so it’s important to us, too.

For another example of a product made using RiverSide Integrated Solutions contract manufacturing services, check out this article in a recent edition of Precision Manufacturing magazine.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing. 4 Top Reasons To Choose RiverSide Integrated Solutions
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Benefits of Contract Manufacturing. 4 Top Reasons To Choose RiverSide Integrated Solutions
4 reasons: expertise, space, industry connections and advanced capabilities that you may not have. Utilizing contract manufacturing services can increase efficiencies and save you money. RiverSide Integrated Solutions provides complete contract manufacturing services for consumer packaged goods and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
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