Frequently Asked Questions

When RiverSide Integrated Solutions becomes your factory, you receive exceptional Quality, Delivery, and Cost. We have quality processes in place with all suppliers to ensure upstream components coming into RiverStar meet standards. Once parts arrive at RiverStar they go through countless more processes to ensure our customers’ expectations are met.

Our delivery and logistics systems are second to none. Our purchasing and supply chain teams constantly monitor and act on reports of raw components, work-in-process, and finished goods to meet delivery dates. Reduce your overhead and expenses and allowRiverSide Integrated Solutions to leverage its vast supplier network to source some or all components on your BOM. We will work with you to continuously improve the manufacturing process and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Yes, we certainly can, however one key benefit of using RiverSide Integrated Solutions as your contract manufacturer is our supply base. Our vast network of suppliers is utilized with multiple customers creating increased purchasing demand and better overall pricing.  However, if you desire to use your current suppliers we are more than happy to accommodate.

Yes. Quality testing can be a complex but necessary manufacturing process to ensure expectations are met. We will incorporate your current testing standards, equipment, and where necessary develop testing parameters for your approval. Being ISO 9001 certified, our processes achieve consistent results and continually improve the process.

We do have the ability to control parts and provide traceability throughout our processes.  From receiving, incoming inspection, inventory control, work-in-process (WIP), and finished goods, we have processes in place to keep the records you need.  Many traceability requirements are customer-specific and are usually identified very early on in the relationship. RiverSide Integrated Solutions can develop a control system to meet your needs.

Yes, we work with serial number traceability every day.  Many of our customers rely on this information to support warranty and/or licensing. If your product ships directly from our facilities to your customer, we can also track the customer name, address, ship date and tracking information which can then be fed directly back to you.

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In short yes, RiverSide Integrated Solutions currently operates out of 3 facilities with resources to accommodate very large partners. All 3 of our buildings have state of the art fire suppression systems, secure access, and 365-day climate control.  Our dedicated employees have been with us on an average tenure of 14 years. In our area, we have access to a highly trained workforce which we rely on for growth every year.

RiverSide Integrated Solutions can receive orders in many ways.  From an email order, manual download, EDI, or automated eCommerce web link, we can manage just about any method of ordering.

Every customer has a dedicated Program Manager which will be like an extension of your own workforce. Our Program Managers will learn your business thoroughly and work to achieve your business goals. No matter if you have a question regarding billing or are inquiring about inventory levels, our program manager will work with you every step of the way.

We want to build a relationship which leads to a long-term partnership over many years.  As you grow and develop new products, we want to help you grow. Our success directly relies on the success of our customers so developing a partnership and growing together is our number one priority.  Many of our relationships extend 10-20+ years.

Reverse Logistics

Yes, we can help with this too. Depending on your needs, we can do simple tasks like manage returned materials through a Return Merchandise Authorization Process (RMA), issue return tags directly to your customers and track the progress of those returns.

Once received, we have many options for handling your products ranging from inspection and disposition to a full-blown repair and refurbishment program (Reverse Logistics).  If your customers require service parts so they can fix their equipment themselves, we can also manage and distribute a service parts inventory for you.

Contract Manufacturing

The ISO standard is written to ensure that companies have implemented rigid criteria into their processes which benefit the quality of the end products.  This is a system of documenting what you do and doing what you documented, every time. This leads to repeat results time and time again. By partnering with RiverSide integrated Solutions you gain an ISO certified manufacturing process.

We know that quality, delivery, and cost reductions are vital to our customers’ growth. By partnering with RiverSide Integrated Solutions and entering into a long-term relationship with us, we will continuously work with you to reduce costs. In some cases, we can suggest manufacturing process improvements, in others we can tap into our network of suppliers and verify through our competitive bidding process the best price on your Bill of Materials (BOM). All options are on the table to get you the reduce costs.

Fulfillment & Distribution FAQs