RiverSide Integrated Solutions' Start-to-Finish Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) include products like toothbrushes, paper, cleaners like detergents, clothing, and packaged foods. This category also includes lower-priced consumer electronics like earphones, USB cables, and digital disposable cameras.

As a category, CPGs present unique challenges to OEMs:

  • CPGs are a prime example of a low-margin, but high-volume industry. As a result, cost efficiency at every stage is vital.
  • Packaging is also critical. Not only must the retail packaging be visually appealing to consumers while protecting the product from damage and the elements during storage and transportation, but multiple levels of packaging are usually required to maximize logistical efficiency (e.g. fitting as many units onto a skid as possible to minimize transportation costs).

When CPG OEMs work with RiverSide Integrated Solutions we solve both of these problems for them by providing top-notch end-to-end CPG solutions.


As a full-service contract manufacturer (CM) serving many OEMs, we are able to leverage our buying power to negotiate lower prices and shorter lead times for the materials needed for our customers’ CPG products. We then pass on these savings to our customers, lowering the total cost of their BOMs and thereby making them more competitive, which is a major advantage in an industry built upon thin margins.


Depending on the needs of the customer, we either serve as their factory, or function as an extension of it. Either way, our trained assembly team, and stringent quality-focused procedures ensure that the CPG products we manufacture adhere to our customers’ exact specifications.

We’re also able to free OEMs from the burden of production-related capital and operating expenses while delivering scalable production capacity. This also keeps their costs down and expands their profit margin.


As we explained above, the packaging requirements for CPGs are more demanding than those for other types of products, such as durable goods.

For CPGs, the unit packaging must be both informative and visually appealing to customers, regardless if the product is competing for attention on a physical store shelf or showcased along with other competing products digitally on an eCommerce platform like Amazon or eBay.

With experienced staff, dedicated packaging floor space and equipment, and high-volume discounts on packaging materials, RiverSide Integrated solves the CPG packaging challenges for customers.

Distribution & Fulfillment

With consumers buying more of their CPGs online, eCommerce CPG order fulfillment is becoming more vital for OEMs in that industry. Fulfilling those orders quickly and cost-efficiently is a business requirement.

RiverSide Integrated Solutions excels at fulfilling and distributing online CPG orders, shipping goods directly to eCommerce distribution centers (including Amazon). We also possess the software tools to pull in orders from any shopping website, instantly transforming them into work orders for our production team, or requests to transfer products from finished goods inventory.

Reverse Logistics

Efficiently and responsibly handling returned merchandise is a must with today’s widespread adoption of eCommerce, and consequently ecommerce’s high rate of returns. CPG OEMs aren’t exempt from the need for cost-effective reverse logistics.

Reverse logistics is one of our key strengths at RiverSide Integrated. From issuing RMAs to quickly inspecting and grading returned products, to refurbishing goods for resale, we offer a complete reverse logistics solution for our OEM partners which frees them to focus on product improvement, new product development, and strategic planning.

RiverSide Integrated delivers professional, start-to-finish solutions for CPGs so that OEMs can stay lean, focused and competitive, knowing that their CM partner has both the capacity and the expertise to grow with them.

Key Benefits of Receiving Pre-Built Sub-Assemblies
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Key Benefits of Receiving Pre-Built Sub-Assemblies
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