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RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc. is an advanced Contract Manufacturer providing robust solutions in Circuit Board Assembly, Electromechanical & Mechanical Assembly, Kitting, Supply Chain Management, Fulfillment, Distribution and Reverse Logistics.

With a culture of customer-focused solutions and continuous improvement, RiverSide Integrated Solutions, Inc. is uniquely positioned to respond to any customer need.

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What You Get with RiverSide

There are no two companies that operate exactly the same. That’s why flexibility has become so important to our customers. Whether you need special testing requirements, system integration, special packaging or multi-channel distribution requirements, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs!

Reduced Overheads

Contracting your manufacturing to RiverSide Integrated Solutions allows you to free up cash flow because you don’t need to invest capital in equipment, facilities, maintenance, training, benefits and extra personnel.

Enhanced Quality Control

RiverSide Integrated Solutions is dedicated to creating high levels of customer satisfaction, complying with customer requirements and industry standards and achieving continual improvement of our operations and services.

What Our Customers Say

“We could come to market quicker and not carry the overhead that we would have had to carry if we were doing our own manufacturing”.

Check Out Our Capabilities

An RIS employee works with other stakeholders to procure parts for a customer's assembly.

When you partner with RiverSide Integrated Solutions, we work with our suppliers to procure all of the parts and components of your assemblies, leaving you with more time to worry about the important things.

Product Test: Close up of a product testing unit with remote control, showing Pass, Fail, and Test lights.

With RiveSide Integrated Solutions, you can rely on the quality of the products we produce. All of our assemblies undergo 3 separate quality tests throughout the manufacturing process, so ensure we only deliver the best.

Close up of a tape machine as part of a kitting line at RIS.

Whether it’s 3 pcs or 103 pcs, RiverSide Integrated Solutions has the capabilities and the experience needed to fulfill all of your kitting solutions.

A rework technician at RIS tests and fixes a product by hand.q

By partnering with RiverSide Integrated Solutions, you receive our complete logistics support, including customer support and reverse logistics for damaged or malfunctioning units.