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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Expert Printed Circuit Board Assembly

RiverSide Integrated Solutions provides customers with reliable, seamlessly-assembled printed circuit board systems built with extreme precision. Our skilled engineers, technicians, and assemblers work to expertly put together a complete printed circuit board assembly. It is our core competency!

When you choose RiverSide Integrated for your printed circuit board electronics assembly projects, you can expect the hands-on customer care of a small manufacturing operation and the capabilities characteristic of a much larger company with our complete electronics manufacturing services for OEMs in any industry.

Get started with your unique printed circuit board assembly today and partner with RiverSide Integrated Solutions for comprehensive production and excellent customer care.

Electronics Assembly Capabilities

  • Surface Mount Technology (Fine-pitch, BGA (1 mm), µBGA (.4 mm), 01005, X-Ray, automated rework, and automated optical inspection (AOI))
    • Magazine to Magazine handling
    • Smart Shelving floor stock inventory control
    • X-ray reel counting
  • Lead-through auto-insertion (Axial, Radial, DIP, and Zierick Terminals)
  • Wave Solder and Selective Solder Machines (No-clean & aqueous flux processes) RoHS and Tin/Lead capabilities
  • Special Application Equipment (Robotic dispensing systems)
  • Conformal coating (Silicone, Acrylic, Urethane)
  • Potting (Epoxy, Urethane, and Silicone)
  • Low-pressure molding technology
  • Comprehensive product test
  • 3D Printing


We have the experience to protect your product

Ruggedized manufacturing is critical for a broad range of industries where circuit boards, electronics, and electromechanical parts must operate in harsh, long-term environments. For any rugged situation, we have the capabilities to provide protection for your electronic assemblies.

The ruggedized options help to protect the function and prevent contamination of a device and corrosion of an electronic device. Ruggedization allows complex electronics to operate even in the harshest environments. When you partner with RiverSide Integrated Solutions for your ruggedized electronics, your assemblies can be protected by the below services:

Conformal coating and potting

To protect the components of a printed circuit board against harsh environments, we utilize a thin polymeric film conformal coating material and assembly potting. The material works to fit the contours of a board, protecting the components from external elements. With epoxy, urethane, and silicone compounds, we’re able to fill complete electronic assemblies to protect from shock, vibration, moisture, and corrosion.

Low-pressure molding

Low-pressure molding offers effective sealing of electronic devices – protection against moisture, dust, dirt, and vibration. This technology utilizes high-performance adhesives and can be used as an effective alternative to epoxy potting.

Our low-pressure molding technology (MoldMan at 30 to 300 PSI) uses high-performance adhesives including polyolefin and polyimide to encapsulate and protect components from particulates, moisture, and vibrations.

Circuit board enclosure

RiverSide Integrated builds and assembles durable, customizable enclosed circuit boards for a range of industries. Our enclosed circuit boards, “electronic vaults,” are environment-sealed, heat sink capable, and impermeable. These specialty vaults shield assemblies against electromagnetic damage by blocking EMI activity with barriers of conductive and magnetic materials. By isolating electrical devices with EMI shield enclosures, assemblies can operate in the long-term even in industrial settings with high electromagnetic frequencies.