Inside Scoop: Chambers!

What is a chamber you ask?

Environmental test chambers are devices that will allow OEM’s to test components in a controlled environment. Variables in the controlled tests can include temperature ranges from -73°C to +175°C, as well as humidity tests ranging from 10% to 95% RH. The chambers we build range in size from less than a 1 cubic foot bench-top model, all the way up to a 27 cubic foot floor standing model.

OEM’s use these chambers in products we use everyday. Consider the automotive industry for an example; Here in the Midwest our weather conditions are on both ends of the spectrum. From frigid winters to hot and humid summers. We have all heard not to leave our pets in vehicles in the summer due to rising temperatures that can happen in just minutes, however we never even think about the electronics that are baking for hours or days. The electronics in our vehicles need to hold up to everything. One way to test if a new product or design will hold up prior to going into production is to test them in these controlled environmental test chambers.

Top Industries we support with these chambers:

  • Aerospace
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Solar Cell
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Consumer Research

What are the job roles in the Chamber department?

Chamber Assembler: This position spends time assembling sub-assemblies and thermal chambers with other production team members.  This position will assemble together components, wire harnesses and metal parts as specified by schematics, diagrams, and manufacturing instructions using hand tools. 

Brazer/Assembler: This position brazes and bonds together components to assemble metal parts as specified by layout, work order, or blueprints, using hand torch.

Environmental Test Technician: Interface directly with Manufacturing Engineer and Test Engineer to maintain the test process for fabrication of electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies.  Troubleshooting of tested assemblies to support production deliveries to meet customer schedule.

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