Inside Scoop: SMT!

What is SMT you ask?

We all interact with technologies that utilize PCBs numerous times throughout our day – from laptops and cell phones to smart TVs and refrigerators. At RiverSide Integrated Solutions, we provide Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) solutions for a variety of industries, including the medical industry where reliance of quality is of the utmost importance.

SMT is the method through which components are mounted directly to a printed circuit board (PCB). When it comes to PCBs even a slight deviation from the intended specifications can result in poor performance or complete failure of an electronic device. SMT makes it possible to manufacture more reliable assemblies at a reduced weight, volume and cost. This makes SMT a particularly good option for electronics that need to accommodate a high density of components or require a smaller, lighter board.

Top Industries we support with SMT:

  • Agricultural/Off Road
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Precision Instrumentation and Controls
  • Tactical Micro Robots
  • Test and Measurement Equipment

What are the job roles in the SMT department?

SMT Offline: SMT Offline workers assist the Machine Operator by picking parts, setting up reels, and loading the feeders.  The ability to place components on the feeder by using hand-eye coordination is a critical skill. This position also operates a scanner to load, find, and pick parts.  This position is standing and working in a fast-paced environment for a majority of the shift.

SMT Machine Operator: The machine operator is the one running the SMT machine, setting it up and completing basic inspection to make sure the parts have been placed correctly as the board runs through the machine process. The operator is consistently on his/her feet in a fast-paced environment during the entire shift.

Inspector/Solderer: Inspection includes verifying circuit boards, solder joints, correct component placement and being able to identify any other possible defects that affects form, fit or function of an electronic assembly.  Soldering includes soldering components onto the circuit boards following the manufacturing instructions. This position may also include operating the selective solder machine.

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