Our Kitting Solutions 

Kitting Solutions

Before the assembly floor can even turn a single screw, connect a wire harness, or plumb a pneumatic line, all the necessary parts for that work order must be gathered from several separate locations in inventory, pulled together into a bin with the BOM (bill of materials needed for that job), and sent to the correct assembly station.

The steps that encompass kitting can often be labor-intensive, and prone to error. For example, the picker can mistake a part number for a very similar-looking one or could pull the wrong revision if the work order requires a specific revision level part. The costs incurred by kitting operations and the interruptions in production flow that can result from a mistake pushes many OEMs to outsource their kitting operations to companies like RiverSide Integrated Solutions.

Partnering with an outside company that can provide warehousing as well as kitting services makes a lot of sense for companies planning to, or already is outsourcing their warehousing, since kitting must occur where the inventory actually resides. For OEM’s that already rely on a contract manufacturer, pushing kitting to them is a natural step since kitting is the immediate upstream operation from assembly. Even if an OEM decides to keep production in-house, there are major advantages to outsourcing all the upstream logistics: procurement, inventory management of parts and raw material, warehousing, the actual picking, packaging of the kit for transport, and shipping the kit to a required destination.

Our turnkey kitting services provide customers with the opportunity to receive multiple parts kitted together and packaged just as you need it. From Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) needing hardware components kitted and sent to factory floors, to online retailers needing kits organized for consumers. We can assemble kits and stock in our warehouse that are available for expedited shipping or built to your forecast.  Every kit will receive RiverSide Integrated Solutions generated work instructions that are verified by our customers to meet expectations.

We Offer

Procurement services

Kitting built to forecast

Warehousing and drop-shipping capabilities

Scalability to grow with you

We saved one Fortune 500 company $40,000 on one project by utilizing our network of suppliers!


We’re ready to provide you with a single source solution. From the initial receipt of components through the kitting/assembly, packaging, warehousing & distribution…everything we do is customized around your needs.


From complex electro-mechnical assemblies to simple hardware kitting, there isn’t a project that we can’t handle!

Project Management

All customers are assigned a project manager as the main point of contract through the completion of the project. All questions, answers, updates from a single person focused around your satisfaction.