In the intricate landscape of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), the concept of “box builds” encompasses a spectrum of offerings, from subassemblies to finished goods. Recently, Jon Schmitz, Customer Engagement Manager at RiverSide Integrated Solutions, shared his box build expertise in an interview with SMT Magazine.

Schmitz explains the motivations driving customers to opt for box build solutions and underscores the importance of continually expanding core competencies to meet evolving customer demands. The interview also sheds light on the challenges inherent in box builds, emphasizing the need for EMS providers to navigate unique product requirements and diverse industry standards with precision.

Pictured is a white man with a dark polo, smiling at the camera. Beside him is the label Jon Schmitz, Customer Engagement Manager, RiverSide Integrated Solutions

Embracing box builds not only promises higher margins but also fosters stronger partnerships between EMS providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). By assuming the mantle of product realization, companies like RiverSide Integrated Solutions empower OEMs to focus on their core competencies of design and innovation.

To explore the nuances of box builds and glean insights from Jon Schmitz, dive into the full interview in SMT Magazine’s April 2024 issue.

Inside the World of Box Builds
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Inside the World of Box Builds
Dive deep into the world of box builds with our own Jon Schmitz. Learn about the motivations, challenges and partnerships driving this specialized value-add.
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RiverSide Integrated Solutions
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