Reasons Our Contract Manufacturing Processes Can Help Strengthen Your Supply Chain

So, you want to grow your business but don’t have the manufacturing resources to do so? You’re not alone.

RiverSide Integrated Solutions’ (RIS) contract manufacturing process can help strengthen your supply chain by providing the machinery, facilities, maintenance, training, benefits and extra people that you don’t have. There are endless reasons why a business would want or need a contract manufacturing partner. Here are 5 signs that show if you could benefit from an all-in-one contract manufacturing process:

1. You’re a Small Business with Big Goals

According to Fundera, 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. Startups and small organizations often start with a fantastic idea. Still, when it comes time to turn that idea into income, they need to catch up.

Young companies need proper infrastructure, supply chain management and tools to turn their idea into income.

When it comes to scaling an enterprise, size matters. Suppose your current size doesn’t support an increase in production. In that case, finding a contract manufacturing partner who can help strengthen your supply chain is helpful. This partner will give your customers what they want when they want, all at a reasonable price.

With such a partner, you’ll find ease in scaling your big goals better than your big competition.

2. Labor Costs are a Pain

It takes a lot to develop a robust supply chain.

Let’s say you’re selling lemonade. This isn’t your Sunday afternoon stand process. To get a bottle of lemonade from idea to income, you need an extensive and scaled workforce. Laborers order parts, manage inventory, balance production schedules and package and ship the lemonade.

Outsourcing your manufacturing to a company with a healthy supply chain network significantly reduces significant labor pains. Luckily, RIS acts as an extension of your workforce without liability, oversight and manufacturing inefficiencies.

3. Inventory, Production, and Shipping, Oh my!

Overhead expenses can add up quickly. Before anyone can even think about enjoying that bottle of lemonade, they must first consider what’s needed to produce it.

Does your organization have the inventory, production availability or packaging and shipping capabilities necessary to turn lemons into lemonade? Suppose you don’t have the resources and relationships readily accessible. In that case, starting production will cost an arm and a leg.

RIS’ contract manufacturing process can help strengthen your supply chain by housing and maintaining such sources. Quickly free up cash flow by reducing overhead costs.

4. Seasonal Demands. Year-Round Expenses

Not all organizations need full-scale supply chain management year-round. For example, if you sell lemonade, you may only need manufacturing processes in the spring and summer. However, if you don’t outsource production, you must fund your facilities year-round.

RIS’ flexible order fulfillment options help keep your wallet padded during the off-season. In fact, according to R&D Magazine, outsourcing can reduce overall costs by 30% to 35%.

5. Scrambled Supply Chain Management

Today’s buyers purchase what they want, when they want, from where they want it. For many companies, this creates a supply chain disaster. Organizing connections across multiple outlets requires time and energy that isn’t manageable for all businesses.

Consumers’ ability to shop with their fingertips creates the need for escalated warehousing and drop-shipping capabilities.

RIS’ experience with e-commerce, including major online retailers such as Amazon, will continuously connect you to your customers when and where they want.

As mentioned before, the list could go on and on. Supply chain management takes infrastructure, labor and organization that can deplete a budget quickly. Outsourcing your manufacturing needs saves time, money and stress.

About RiverSide Integrated Solutions

RIS is an advanced contract manufacturer providing robust solutions in circuit board assembly and product assembly. We employ more than 350 people and provide services to OEMs worldwide. We operate two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities within the US.

With all of the choices in contract manufacturers out there, we know it can be challenging to find someone who understands your business model and has your best intentions in mind. RIS has always proven to be a win-win-focused relationship.

As your one-stop shop, we have the capabilities, capacity, quality assurance standards and resources to support all of your manufacturing needs. We understand that supply chain management is complex and very time-consuming, so we urge our customers to utilize us in the fullest capacity.

Our total-package solutions include:

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Reasons Our Contract Manufacturing Processes Can Help Strengthen Your Supply Chain
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Reasons Our Contract Manufacturing Processes Can Help Strengthen Your Supply Chain
RIS has the experience and expertise to help you grow your business and strengthen your supply chain without the hassle of managing your own manufacturing.
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