How to Confirm Printed Circuit Board Integrity

Consumer expectations for functionality continue to grow. This leaves many printed circuit board (PCB) designers and manufacturers asking what they can do to improve their PCBs. The result is more PCB layers, smaller sizes, more components, buried or blind vias and more. All of these technological advancements enabled a world full of incredible devices that were only a dream until recently.

These advancements are a great stride forward, but how do manufacturers confirm PCB integrity in a constantly evolving market? Two key steps help ensure PCB integrity are a robust design and a thorough testing program.


PCB integrity starts with a good design that is manufacturable. This sounds simple, but the importance of a robust PCB design cannot be overstated.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is designing an electronic for easy manufacturing and creating a better, more cost-effective product. DFM is a vital product development step that looks to simplify and optimize designs. In doing so, it ensures high quality and efficiency during production, along with PCB integrity once in the field.

DFM aims to reduce manufacturing costs and avoid costly disruptions without sacrificing quality or performance. It saves original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) significant time and money.

Companies often rush to get a new PCB to market to meet demand. Because of this, it is tempting to shorten – or even skip – the DFM process. However, there are good reasons to fix such problems on the front end. For one, changes to the design are exponentially more expensive and time-consuming as the product progresses through the life cycle.

A thorough DFM process upfront helps to confirm the integrity of the PCB. It also allows engineers to make resolve integrity issues before they impact the project.


The second step toward confirming PCB integrity is a thorough testing program. Several complex components comprise PCBs, each impacting the board’s overall performance. Production workers should test these components for faults to ensure the board functions properly.

A quality testing program assesses the functionality and integrity of individual parts and overall performance metrics. Some parts include capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes and fuses, while performance metrics include electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

Workers or automated processes should also examine the board layout. Doing this ensures the various components are oriented correctly. It also checks soldering was properly applied.

Thorough testing is an integral aspect of PCB manufacturing. There is always the potential for manufacturing defects or human error during fabrication and assembly. Testing is the checkpoint to catch these problems. That’s why it’s critical in identifying and resolving quality issues. Without testing, these issues may prove critical to the final product’s performance, functionality and reliability.

The time and effort required to test the integrity of a PCB or assembly is well worth it. OEMs need to establish testing procedures to reduce the potential of failure or malfunction in the field. It also helps maintain customer satisfaction.

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How to Confirm Printed Circuit Board Integrity
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How to Confirm Printed Circuit Board Integrity
A robust printed circuit board assembly design and a thorough testing program are two key ways to confirm printed circuit board integrity.
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